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Al Falaah College has strived to bring sport to a recognized level within our community. We have introduced a modern and innovative exercise and sporting curriculum in the past few years that makes use of our qualified and highly experienced internal coaches together with specialist external coaches. We have tried to make all programs suited for specific sporting needs so that every learner at AFC is given an opportunity to represent their school. Learners are encouraged to explore the different sporting codes to discover which discipline is best suited for their abilities and interests.

The future is always unknown, for Allah (SWT) is the best of planners. However, the Sports Department is committed to its vision for sport at Al Falaah College to be the best that it can be. We hope to raise sport to new levels and in doing so, create a generation which wins and learns gracefully, a generation whose pride for their school is their driving force, a generation which has compassion and respect for a fellow athlete, and a generation which finds inspiration from the sport that it loves. There is something so unifying about sport in its purest form when athletes rise above themselves and touch greatness and in doing so remind us all that we have greatness inside of us. I will leave you with a few words from the archives of our beloved and respected Mr Hattia, “the past is a lesson, the present is a gift and the future is motivation.”

Curriculum PE

Every learner at Al Falaah College participates in Physical Education. These are curriculum lessons incorporated within the weekly timetable. Lessons are done in a mass participation form for each grade which encourages a more active and competitive participation due to the longer duration and number of learners & coaches.

The sports curriculum includes a variety of different sports incorporating core skills development, sport specific drills, game play as well as overall fitness. This year, at AFC, we highlighted the same concepts under strict COVID-19 social distancing rules and regulations. The Sports Department took all necessary precautions to protect our learners but still allowed for development and free-play.

Netball Fixtures

Hartley Checkstar Astro Summer League


  • Under 7 - First Place, Winners
  • Under 8 - Third Place
  • Under 9 - Second Place
  • Under 11 - First Place, Winners
  • Under 13 - Third Place

Acrokidz Gymnastics

Mini Cricket

Other Highlights

Girls Soccer

Congratulations to our two Al Falaah learners who were chosen to attend the COSAFA Under 15 Girls Legacy tournament last week. Yusra Mahomed (Gr 7) & Zaahida Shamshudeen (Gr 9) proved their talents and fared extremely well Alhamdulilah and they have surely made our school very proud. We hope to see these two young soccer stars flourish in their successful future ahead InshAllah.

Congratulations Coach Yusuf

Qualified CAF C licensed Coach

Skipping Competition

Girls KZN U16 Cricket Selection

Congratulations to Grade 9 learner, Habeeba Shaik who was selected for the KZN Under 16 Girls Training Squad

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