Preschool HOD's Report


All praise is due to Almighty Allah for the infinite bounties and favours He has bestowed upon us.  It is only through the Grace and Blessings of Allah that Al Falaah College Preschool is able to serve our little ones and attract them to our Preschool in wonderful numbers.

The year 2021 has been an amazing, but challenging one with many changes that we had to endure, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby creating many “new normals”.  As we strive to commit to our AFC Preschool tagline Love, Dream, Laugh, let us take a peek into how our team ensured that we honoured this promise of “love, dreams and laughter” for our shining stars..

LOVE:  A promise never to be broken! Our teachers and assistants showered their love on our children daily, assisting them with all their tasks and day to day activities, and likewise the love that emanated from our little ones most certainly warmed our hearts. 

Nabi (S.A.W) said: “Show kindness to children”.  What better example for us to follow?

DREAM:  At AFC Preschool, every child is encouraged to pursue their dreams and aim for the stars.  Our children enjoyed many dress-up days this year, allowing them to dream big!  We hope and make dua that Allah always fulfills their every dream and desire and make all our children strong ambassadors of our beautiful deen.

LAUGH:  Amidst the pandemic, Alhamdullilah many days were spent laughing together and enjoying fun events like our 100th day celebration!  Our time spent with our Preschoolers will most certainly be cherished as memories to last a lifetime.

We could not be more honoured to have spent 2021 with all our little darlings!

Thumbs up to:

  • Our caring and loving Assistants
  • Our dedicated and passionate Teachers
  • Our super-efficient Secretaries – always understanding the needs of Preschool
  • Our wonderful and supportive Parents
  • And our star Learners

You are the best!

May Allah guide us in all we do, for the benefit of our children.

Have a safe holiday and enjoy spending quality time with your families.

Dollops of Love,

Mrs. A. Wariyawa



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