Quranic Arabic

A series has been developed for Non Arab learners to get an understanding of the Holy Quran. Which Al Falaah college has embarked on.

Aims of the series.

  • To assist learners to understand the Quran by using Arabic mostly and not via another language.
  • Make Arabic the lingo Franca.
  • A curriculum that is appropriate and easy to work with.
  • The programme is developed on the base of learner intensive.

The Team that developed the series.

The teams listed below have years of teaching and developing courses for Non Arabs to learn Arabic

  • Ismail Saleh
  • Nasif Mustapha
  • Muhammed Abdul Khalik
  • Ahmed Al Baraa
  • Ahmed Muktar Shareef
  • Prof Umar As Siddeeq.
  • Murshid Davids

The Method used in writing the series.

It was through many surveys carried out in South Africa and other English speaking countries and research e.g. the number of words in the Quran and its repletion.

The series uses 3680 Nouns

1495 verbs Root words 2945.

It was mentioned there are 1700 words that are only used once in the Quran which is also mention in the series.

There are 113 grammar structures that are thought to the students.

Surah Al Fathiha has 29 words and these words appear 7430 times in the Quran which makes up 10% of the Quran.

Through the studies it was found that between 150 to 200 Arabic words are used in the South African Muslim Language.

The Method of the Books.

  • Notably the books starts with vocabulary that is most repeated in the Quran.
  • The first aspect is the presentation of the vocabulary in a comprehension form.
  • After the Comprehension there is new vocabulary listed.
  • Exercises 1 to 6 focuses on the teaching and testing vocabulary in a learner centered way.
  • 7 to 10 focuses on the teaching and testing of grammar structures.
  • Thereafter there is the focus on the values of the Quran. 300 Ayaat have been chosen again from the study done here in South Africa. Ayaat frequently used in SA to teach values.
  • The next part is the Ayaat related to Duas and sometimes Duas of our beloved Nabi(SAW).
  • The series also has a section that deals with each word taken from books that deal with the Alfaaz al Ghareeb in the Quran.

A learner’s point of view

Arabic, the beautiful language of the Quran and the words of Allah. Arabic is a part of Islam and not only enhances your knowledge but knowing it is an urging duty. Quranic Arabic is one of the most exciting lessons at AFC. If you have never done Arabic before, the simplicity of the lessons is something to really appreciate. The one thing that makes you realise why Arabic is such an important and valuable class, is that when you look into the Quran, you are able to recognise what certain words mean or why the word was written like this, even something as little as understanding why certain types of signs were used. It’s not only in the Quran where you are able to recognise words but also in hadith. We also understand the deeper meaning of the words of Allah. The lessons consist of word-to-word translations , grammar, translations of Quranic ayahs and other simple exercises which is taught by our excellent teachers. 

Hasina Lokhat 9D

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