Islamic Studies Department

Islam is a way of life.

“Whoever treads a path of seeking knowledge, Allah will ease his path to paradise” [Muslim Shareef]. As an Islamic school , Al-Falaah College offers a range of Islamic Studies subjects both written and oral. The Islamic Studies Written does not only focus on teaching learners the fundamentals of Islam but aims to inculcate within the learners good morals and values. Our subjects are History , Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) , Akhlaaq (Character) , Aqaaid (Beliefs) and Ahadeeth (The Prophetic Traditions). The Islamic Studies lessons includes practical demonstrations as well as other fun activities based on different themes such as Eid, Hajj etc. It is through these lessons that we hope to mould a future generation of youth who will uphold the banner of Islam.

AMS Online Qira’ah Competition

Kindly click on the link below to listen to the beautiful recitation of our learners Ahmad Limalia and Yahya Backus who achieved first and second place respectively in the CII Youth and Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) Qira’ah Competition. The competition was streamed live on Zoom on Saturday,4th September 2021.Learners from 19 schools participated in this competition. A winning prize of a share of R1000.00 was shared amongst the top 3 position learners.

Tijan Annour Qatar

MashaAllah to our Al-Falaah learners who performed exceptionally well in the Tijan Annour Competition. Only five children have been selected to participate in the next round, four of which are AFC learners. This selection was made from over 170 entries all across South Africa. MashaAllah to Umar Surtee (Grade 5), Abdullah Rashid (Grade 6), Yahya Backus (Grade 7) and Ahmad Limalia (Grade 7). Their recorded recitations are now being judged against thousands of recitations from all over the world. One learner will be selected to represent the country in this upcoming international competition. May Allah make our learners upright ambassadors of Quraan. Aameen.

AMS Annual Qira’ah Competition

The AMS Annual Qira’ah competition was held on Saturday, the 29th of October 2021 and hosted by Orient Islamic School. Selected learners from 22 Islamic schools participated in this competition. Alhamdulillah, through the grace and mercy of Allah, Ahmad Limalia and Yahya Backus excelled once again in their recitation of Quraan and achieved first and second place respectively, Masha Allah. May Almighty Allah accept all efforts made towards perfection of Qira’ah of the noble Quraan, Aameen.

Islamic Studies

Virtual Events

At Al-Falaah College, our learners have always been afforded the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities during assemblies and special programs. Furthermore, the school has been privileged to host many respected and well-known personalities from the community in our events. These special guests share from their wealth of knowledge and boost the morale of the learners.

Our Virtual Iftar and Eid programs kept the Al-Falaah family inspired and connected during such turbulent times. Al-Falaah College is a school which encourages self-expression and confidence in learners. Children who are confident to express themselves will grow up to be true ambassadors and flag bearers of Islam, insha Allah. Aameen.

Hifz Graduates
  • Yusuf Osman

  • M Ismaeel Valli Mahomed

  • Yahya Bobat

  • Uzair Mahomed

  • Ahmed Ameer

  • M Ismaeel Moosa

  • Abdur Rahman Kaka

  • Husna Bhayat

  • Zahra Vayej

Term 3 Online ISO Assessments

During term 3 this year, Grade 4-6 learners switched to online learning for a period of time and ISO Assessments were conducted online. Learners were expected to switch on their cameras, close their eyes and recite the surahs/duas to their respective educators. Educators were impressed by the level of accountability displayed in these young learners and would like to thank the parents for their support in this regard. Jazakallah for working as a team with us to uplift our children.

We would like to commend our intermediate phase learners. Your efforts have proved that the goal of experiencing success in online learning can be achieved with commitment, responsibility and dedication. MashaAllah.

Quranic Arabic

A series has been developed for Non Arab learners to get an understanding of the Holy Quran. Which Al Falaah college has embarked on.


Aims of the series:

  • To assist learners to understand the Quran by using Arabic mostly and not via another language.
  • Make Arabic the lingo Franca.
  • A curriculum that is appropriate and easy to work with.
  • The programme is developed on the base of learner intensive.

Rabi ul Awwal 1442 Campaign

‘Just as rain gives life to the dead earth, the QURAAN and SUNNAH give life to the dead hearts.’

Rabi ul Awwal the 3rd month of the Islamic calendar, is one of the most significant months in Islamic history because humanity was blessed by the birth of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

In an earnest effort to bring the Sunnah into our lives, the Al Falaah family embraced this month with great honour and utmost reverence. Educators and learners created an atmosphere befitting the best creation of Allah Ta’aala, sent as an everlasting mercy to mankind.

Seerah Campaign

In order to instill the love of Nabi ﷺ and his noble sunnah within our learners, these were some of the initiatives conducted at school during the blessed month of Rabbi-ul-Awwal:

  • Displays around designated areas of the school.
  • Class and work centred around the Seerah.
  • Durood/Zikr Challenges
  • Nasheeds and informative videos

Alhumdulillah, the atmosphere was electric and the event was thoroughly enjoyed by both learners and educators. This was an ideal opportunity to link learning of the Quraan and Hadith to everyday living. May Allah make us true lovers of Nabi ﷺ.

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