A Year to Remember

The year started as a promising one with pupils raring to go. Pupils engaged in class and Mathletics lessons, having lots of fun. Using technology, pupils had great fun doing complex sums on the ipad.

And then lockdown hit!

Teachers immediately went into learning mode with words like “online”, “moodle”, “eLearning “, “google meet “, flying around.

And this was the start to our new normal. Both teachers and pupils embraced this new method of teaching and learning, and “online learning “ was started.

The year has been one of learning, learning, and more learning.

And you know what?

The entire syllabus was still completed despite all Covid challenges.

Alhumdulillah, this has been a special year, and certainly one to remember.


Mathematics is a subject where there is much talking in the classroom, asking each other questions.

“How did you solve that? “

“Are you sure your answer is correct? “

“Where did I go wrong?”

Despite a second pandemic year, the pupils persevered and took up the challenge to improve at Mathematics. We were able to still do class formal assessments and write each of the term examinations.

math talk poster1

This is the kind of collaboration that takes place in a Mathematics class, and we love it!



Think you don’t need Mathematics?



So the next time your child says fractions or perimeter is not going to help in life, show them which professions need Mathematics.

And finally, something your child can challenge you with …



Answer is 54 – in each square, the sum of the squares of the three outer numbers equals the number bounded by the central square



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