Maths at Al Falaah College Intermediate Phase

I enjoy my maths lessons because my teacher explains everything so well. Maths teaches me life skills and sharpens my mind. Solving maths problems gives me more confidence in myself. This also helps me with all my other subjects. Maths challenges me and makes me work harder.
Muhammad Jeewa
Grade 5SMA


I enjoy the maths lessons because my teacher makes them enjoyable. The best part about our maths lesson is that our teacher explains anything we don’t understand, even if it is simple .We first try to do it ourselves and if we can’t manage our teacher explains it step by step. Our number one rule is we can have fun but we also have to get our work done.
Umar Ashraf Elsayed Nasar


I enjoy maths lessons because I love numbers. My teacher makes the work interesting and easy to understand. My favourite thing about math is thinking about how to use what I have learnt in class at home. Because of math I know how to double my favourite choc chip cookie recipe and multiply the goodness. I know how to halve the time to do homework so I can double up on fun. I would be very sad if I had to subtract my teacher from my math lesson. Thank you to my maths teacher for being an awesome teacher!
Muhammad Huzaifa Reyazuddin


My favourite part of the maths lesson is when the boys and girls challenge each other for points in a quiz and the boys win. I really enjoy onsite lessons when we do problem solving from the textbook.
Umar Surtee


In my early days of being an AFC student, our very first lessons were online. My teacher explained a new concept and then asked “Does everyone understand this?” Me, the newbie said: “I’m sorry ma’am, I do not understand,” there was deafening silence from the remainder of the class (that was awkward!!). Then it was back to my teacher who patiently queried what it was that I didn’t understand and went through the concept again. Our math lessons are fun and interactive, our teacher shows us tricks that help us solve sums accurately and with speed. Studies indicate that boys are better than girls at mathematics but my maths teacher is female and she’s pretty smart!
Ahmad Jeewa


I love the fractions! I love the work, the layout, the mental maths! I love my teacher, she is amazing. I was so confused about math but when my teacher explained it, I understood everything. Math is my favourite subject because of the teacher and the lessons!
Aaliyah Mahomed Jeewa


I am passionate about maths. It has become my favourite subject. My favourite thing to do in maths is mental maths because I get to challenge myself. Maths is a really good subject mentally and academically. It helps you to calculate faster and assists in everyday life.
Muhammad Zayaan Akoob



It has been the best year in Maths this year. Our maths teacher is is so nice to us and always helps us when we don’t understand. I I enjoy my maths lessons a lot. Maths is fun and very easy if you understand the work. I will miss my maths teacher.
Humaira Mulla
5 FA

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