High School 2021


Mr Martin Schlebusch

Mr Schlebusch joined the Al Falaah Staff at the beginning of 2020, having spent 7 years at Orient Secondary School. During his stay at our school, albeit for a short period, Mr Schlebusch left an indelible mark on his learners. A humble, unassuming gentleman, he endeared himself to both learners and staff. What stood out for us who interacted with him, was his caring demeanour, always enquiring about each ones’ wellbeing.

Event 2021

Career Exhibition Week

Al Falaah class of 2021 geared for success as we kicked of an efficacious career exhibition week. Students actively engaged with various prestigious tertiary institutions through live virtual presentations and face to face interactions. Empowered with zest and zeal we have no doubt that our learners are equipped for an astonishing career path.


Mathematics Department

Highlights 2021

As this most disrupted of school years draws to a close, it is time to take stock of the impact of the pandemic on student learning and well-being. Although the 2020–21 academic year ended on a high note—with notable achievements in the Siyavula Mathematics competition, excellent grade 12 mathematics results and access to full uninterrupted active learning either online or onsite—it was as a whole perhaps one of the most challenging for educators and students in our school’s history.  Some learners were forced to miss onsite schooling due to family members, close contacts or themselves contracting the virus and unable to attend school.

Mathematics Department

Siyavula Competition 2021

Every year during the month of September, Siyavula Publishers hold a “million Mathematics competition” where learners throughout the country are invited to accurately answer as many questions as possible in order to reach the anticipated one million questions answered.  At midnight on 30 September each year the competition closes and the top 10 learners are then invited to take an examination to determine the top learners.  During 2020 two of our learners namely Yahya Hansa was placed second in his grade while Faathima Bassa was placed third in her grade in the country.  Each of them were rewarded with a gift from Siyavula. 

English Department

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay competition is the world’s oldest international writing competition, with learners from 54 Commonwealth countries participating. The competition is based on the premise of elevating the voices of the youth, developing key skills through creative writing and fostering an empathetic and open-minded worldview of global issues. The theme for 2021 was COMMUNITY IN THE COMMONWEALTH.

Al Falaah College is proud to announce that 4 of our learners excelled in this international arena. Husna Haffejee [GR 11] achieved a Silver certificate, with Maryam Bassa [GR 11], Mariam Raja [GR 10] and Shaahid Ali Essop [GR 8] achieving Bronze certificates. Al Falaah College commended the learners on their outstanding performance and hope they will continue to excel in future competitions.

English Department

AMS Speech Contest 2021

Amina Moola represented Al Falaah College at the first Virtual Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) Speech contest. Her topic was" Indifference to the plight of others is the essence of Inhumanity". Amina acquitted herself extremely well and was placed second.  On behalf of the Al Falaah College, we congratulate Amina on her achievement.

Physics and Life Science Department

Eskom Expo Science Fair

Feedback from Al Falaah College Participants

During a time of peculiarities and confusion, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eskom Expo team managed to adapt and exceed expectations.  To get the participants accustomed to the ‘new normal and online’ Expo, the organisers held an on-site seminar at the Durban Mancosa campus, and we were invited and represented Al-Falaah College. 

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