Grade 2RS

Flat Stanley

Textbook Work became all the more fun in Grade 2RS when they interactively unpacked the story of Flat Stanley.

The Task:
To snap a pic or two of Flat Stanley in a creative space or doing an activity with their family... 

If you don't know the story series:
"The book recounts the adventures of Stanley Lambchop after he is squashed flat by a bulletin board while sleeping. However, he survives and decides to make the best of being flat. Soon, he discovers that he is able to enter locked rooms by sliding under the door."

Flat Stanley visited the learners homes for one evening and Miss Sayed had her own Stanley too to participate in the story fun! 

Mad about Measurement!

Whilst the objective of the Grade 2 Maths lesson was to teach Measurement (in cups and millilitres), Grade 2RS and the rest of the Grade 2's learnt much more! 

They learnt how basic cooking ingredients can be used to make play dough while bolstering their creative thinking, and sensory and fine-motor development.


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