Grade 1FM

“You must first teach the child he is LOVED, and then he is ready to learn everything else.” Amanda Morgan

First impressions count the most. Grade 1 FM had a Smurftastic morning filled with warmth, laughter and loads of smurf treats!


Your smurf print will always be in my heart.



 Art speaks what words cannot explain…                                                                                                



“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” Wassily Kandinsky 


21st Century child learning creatively “wotalotigot” fun in Smurville

Learners learnt creatively to computate Maths concepts using smarties and  popcorn. All the little smarty pants were munching and crunching away and the objective of the lesson was successfully achieved! (INSERT pics of learners fun smarties lesson and popcorn)      (INSERT the roll the dice video)

“Colour in a painting is like enthusiasm in life.” Vincent Van Gogh

Creativity is intelligence having fun, (Albert Einstein) Spring day art festival!  

Rain makes everything beautiful.

By: Mrs Malek

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