Dr R Khan

Foundation Phase HOD's Report

“Education and schooling during a pandemic”

The last 21 months of living in a pandemic has had its tensions, however with the Mercy and Blessings of Allah (SWT) we are fortunate to have complimented this tension with many wonderful memories. Particularly poignant were the voices of our teachers and learners who both navigated pathways of teaching and learning to achieve the many successes of being in an Islamic school.

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Other Highlights

Character Dress Up Day

“Books are uniquely portable magic,” (Stephen King) and certainly a magical day it was at the Al-Falaah College.  

We read

We dressed up

We played!!!

Joint Iftaar Programme

Alhumdullilah! Ramadaan is undoubtedly a very auspicious month for muslims around the world. The abundance of ibaadah in every home, the gathering of families to break their fast and the numerous acts of charity during this month fills the heart with great joy.

 Al Falaah College Foundation Phase learners were fortunate to partake in an iftaar at school program. It was a spiritually uplifting evening with beautiful zikr and heartfelt duas. Learners had the rare and exciting opportunity to break their fasts with their Al Falaah family. The atmosphere throughout the school was electrifying and learners were left with many fond memories to cherish.

Coding and Robotics

Al-Falaah College has embarked on an exciting new venture, the introduction of coding and robotics in the Foundation Phase. Our world is constantly advancing, and technology is the way of the future. This subject is aimed at guiding and preparing learners to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively and creatively, and function in a digital and information-driven world. Learners will be able to apply digital and ICT skills and transfer these skills to solve everyday problems and its possibilities. Furthermore, the subject aims at equipping learners to contribute in a meaningful and successful way in a rapidly changing and transforming society.

World Literacy Day

“Open a book. Grow your mind.”

Literacy Day Exhibition

September 8th marks International Literacy Day each year and our Foundation Phase observed it in the most delightful way.

Teachers joined in the celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading by choosing a theme to exhibit.

These included fiction series like Roald Dahl and The Faraway Tree as well as non-fiction autobiographies and magazines.

“Characters sprung to life” as if straight out of their story books in magnificent displays about wild animals, crayons that quit their jobs for the day and many other themes. International Literacy day proved to be a great success.

“Readers are born on the laps of their parents and teachers” and therefore daily read aloud time is important in a childs life.

“Letters become words. Words become sentences. Sentences become stories and Stories lead to the love for READING.”

Heritage Day

"Our rich cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. They are our touchstones, our points of reference, our identity..."

The Al-Falaah College Foundation Phase Teachers used their Heritage Day long weekend holiday as a theme to educate the learners about their country and heritage. 

It was the perfect opportunity to encourage and celebrate cultural traditions in the wider context of the great diversity of cultures, beliefs and traditions that make up the rainbow nation of South Africa.

Learners dressed up, presented S.A heritage information to their classes 

and packed a lunch that included traditional South African snacks and cuisine.

Well done MashaAllah, to teachers and parents for going the extra mile to make learning a fun filled experience. 

Spring Day

Spring Day - 2021

“HOORAY!” sang the seedling beneath the ground. “Spring has arrived.”

The earth shall blossom and flowers will bloom. Birds will cheer as the bees buzz from flower to flower.

Foundation Phase learners were dressed in flower fresh spring fashion from head to toe. We had our picnic baskets in hand and trotted along to the sun-kissed grounds. We set up all our treats and were mindful to social distance.

This SPRING DAY picnic was a little different because of Covid 19. Our smiles were shared instead of our treats. Oh, but how you could feel the LOVE in the air!

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