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Community Outreach.

Embracing Technology

Alhamdulillah, our Towards Reading the Quran Part 1 and Part 2 Apps have been circulated through various platforms for the public to benefit. We have received extremely positive feedback from people in many parts of the country. May Allah accept.

Water Collection

Al Falaah College raised R75 020 during the last few days of Ramadaan in order to assist residents in the Eastern Cape who saw their dam levels drop to below 13% earlier this year. The funds will be given to the Al Fidaa Foundation who have since used the funds for jojo tanks and water trucks to aid in the distribution of water. A representative from the Al Fidaa Foundation said “ We commend the Principal for encouraging the giving of charity in learners, and empowering them at a young age to create a positive impact on society. It is heart-warming to see that learners are aware of the plight of the less fortunate, and willing to contribute their time and effort to charitable causes to uplift their fellow human beings."

Quran Waqf Collection

In addition to the Water Collection project, the Al Falaah College family sought to raise funds for a Quran Waqf Project.

Alhumdulillah, the school eventually raised R52 330.00 for the project which were donated to Awqaf SA –Qur’an Waqf Fund. These funds were then invested in Shari Compliant investments and the revenue that will be generated through this fund will be used in all Qur’an related projects e.g. distribution of Qur’ans, printing and translation of Qur’ans etc. Masha Allah.

Bread Run

Alhumdulillah, over the last few years the Al Falaah College family were involved in the Sandwich Distribution programme which the learners prepare and distribute thousands of sandwiches over the years to needy learners from neighboring schools. However, due to Covid 19, we were forced to pause before initiating the Bread Run programme. The objective of the Bread Run programme is simply to donate a loaf of bread to someone in need. To donate or get involved in any way, learners can contact Mrs S Timol or Moulana Ismail Mulla. We hope to resume the programme in 2022, inshaa Allah.

Let's Bake

Al Falaah College received an awesome response earlier this year to its Let's Bake initiative. Al-Falaah College partnered with Human Aid SA to bring love and happiness to Old Age Homes, Madressah's and vulnerable families. We would like to take this opportunity again to thank everyone involved for their tremendous efforts and delicious sweet treat contributions.

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